Auto-run & Data Pre-loading

Data Pre-loading

We can preload your sales sheets, data or any other promotional material. The preloaded content can be used to reinforce your company information and objectives. Previous customers have preloaded their brochures, PowerPoint presentations, Videos, and other marketing materials.

Content pre-loading for every 100MB of data is $.25. Lead time is one additional day over standard product lead time.

AutoRun Function

Design!tFlash USB Flash Drives can support a function known as AutoRun. The AutoRun feature enables media and devices to launch programs by use of commands listed in a file called autorun.inf, stored in the root directory of the medium. This means that when your custom USB Flash Drive is plugged into the computer your preloaded materials is automatically launched onto the screen.

Why should I use AutoRun?

When using custom USB Flash Drives as a marketing tool it's a great to consider the auto run function so that your most important materials are the first thing seen when the USB flash drive is inserted into the computer.


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