Design!t flash products are ideal for extending your brand name through a multitude of technical and promotional applications.

Sample Applications

  • College Logo
  • Collegiate Club Logo
  • Collegiate Greek logo
  • Team Logo
  • Driver/Team Logo
  • Medical
  • Marketing
  • Sales
Events and Trade Shows:
  • Trade Show
  • Celebrations
  • Grammar Schools
  • High Schools
  • Educational Centers
  • Quick read and write to execute system code
  • Digitally record data logs
  • Pre-load and auto-launch audio and video files
  • TAA compliant

Other OEM/Business/IT Applications

  • Allows OEM to remove optical drives from the BOM as recovery discs can be provided on USB instead
  • For devices not connected to the internet, allows alternative method for upgrading firmware
  • Where OEM is using flash based storage, ready image can be loaded on USB device to 64GB, providing a recovery solution while reducing the number of writes to flash storage
  • Controlled BOM for embedded applications where ASIC/fPGA may be controller specific

Other Marketing Applications

  • Almost anything you can think of can be pre-loaded onto the custom flash drive. Like a briefcase for your marketing communications, you can include your press-kits, rich media presentations and materials, links to your website, and other important corporate announcements.
  • Auto-launch software automatically loads your pre-loaded presentations, software, video, web links, etc.
  • Custom logo drives could be used by the marketing/sales/engineering departments to pass along data sheets, MARCOM and other company information


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Secure Digital


Laptop Sleeves

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